EXPERIENCE - With 20 years selling Real Estate locally and during that time having successfully negotiated and completed the sale of over 1200+ homes. An outstanding accomplishment that only one or two other agents in Geelong have achieved. The key advantage in having a salesperson with this level of experience managing the sale of your home is the proven and successful understanding of how to connect and deal with buyers to maximise the sale price as well as having the capability of a proven strategy in negotiating which will add thousands of dollars to the end sale price of your home. Rowans experience has seen him manage and sell all styles of homes be it Character, Art Deco, Classic, Contemporary, Lifestyle, Acreage, Developments, Coastal, you name he has Sold it. Along with homes Listed for sale at all different price points from quiet a few years ago homes in Geelong West for $65,000 to Homes in Newtown and Lifestyle properties in Rural and Coastal area in there $$millions. As they say in business “Experience Counts” and in the Real Estate Business this experience can count for a great deal of more dollars to your sale price.       


SERVICE - Rowan’s service has always been and still is, an exceptional level of direct One on One service with the client. A level of service many other agents in Geelong have tried to copy but as we all know a copy is never ever as good. One on one service delivered by Rowan Merriman ensures total communication during the whole sale process on all activity and events on your home from day 1 until settlement date. This unique and highly regarded level of service has afforded and earnt Rowan an industry high 97% of his business / New Listings to sell coming from repeat clients or previous clients referring family and friends to Rowans service. As they say at the top level of business having your good name and service spread by word of mouth is one of the most flattering compliments .


MANAGEMENT -  Rowan will pride himself on personally managing every part of the selling process of your home from day 1. with signing the Sale Authority to the day your home settles. With Rowan personally attending and conducting all private inspections, open houses if needed and even down to your homes photography session. Because someone of Rowans skill and experience fully understands how every part of the sale process regardless of the task could have an effect on the end result being the sale price of your home. A very good example of this out of many can be as simple as the task of the photography session of your home. If not managed by an agent who knows what sells homes and done incorrectly or unprofessionally where the photos are shot being on the in- correct angle making your home appear smaller than what it is. With the fact that 90%+ and growing of all your buyers will see your home displayed for sale on the Web. If using an agent or even worse an agent that passes this task onto an assistant or Office Administrator who may not have the experience and a real professional understanding of what sells homes and uses photos that do not reflect the true features and correct size of your home means buyers will be turned off from your home and as we all know if you are losing buyers, you are losing your best opportunities of getting the top sale price for your home.  Rowan knows what sells homes and the proof of that knowledge is the fact he has personally managed and negotiated the sale of over 1200+ homes. 


RECORDS & AWARDS -  Rowan has won several major sales awards over his 20 - year career in Real Estate which verifies his impressive ability of achieving outstanding sales results year after year. His knowledge of the local Real Estate market over many years and his exceptional skills in negotiation had Rowan achieving what is considered in the industry quite remarkable and has not been achieved since where during his successful career in Real Estate he held the record sale price for 3 different suburbs of Geelong at the same time. Rowan also prides himself on achieving a number of record breaking prices where he was first agent to sell a home in South Geelong for a sale price over $500,000, the first agent to sell a home in the suburb of Hamlyn Heights for over $500,000. Plus the honour of being the first agent to successfully sell Townhouses in the Geelong area off the plan (Sold before any construction has started) without a water view or not on Geelong water front area. Including the record for being the first agent in Geelong to achieve a selling price of over $1,000 per square meter for a block of vacant land in Geelong West.              


RELATIONSHIPS - In selling Real Estate there are a number of great moments and besides the absolute delight of negotiating a great deal. One of the other great joys in selling Real Estate is negotiating a great deal for the same client for a second, third or fourth time. Or being referred to a family member or friend from a previous client who is selling and negotiating a great deal for them and then having them refer my service to their family and friends. Over my 20 years of selling Real Estate l have experienced this absolute pleasure many, many times and even today l am still selling homes for clients that l sold their first home some 20 years ago when l was in my first year in the Real Estate Industry. Like Just recently on behalf of a previous client who some fourteen years ago l sold his lifestyle acreage property in Mount Duneed engaged my services again to manage the sale of his Mums home in Belmont. Plus, in that 14-year period l have also sold two of his daughters homes with one them using my service twice. I have also sold a number of their investment properties over the years plus selling a home for his wife’s best friend who between them have refereed my service numerous times to their work colleagues and the list of sellers goes on and on. I am so pleased that over my 16 years of selling Real Estate to have many stories like this and could fill pages upon pages of where l have sold several homes for past clients including their family and friends. Likewise, l am very proud that the outstanding level of service l offer, the brilliant selling prices l achieve and the fact l have always acted with the clear knowledge as to who l represent at all times has brought me great success over many years but mainly some great long term clients.

 PHONE; 0431 341502       EMAIL: rowan@merrimanagents.com.au