Merriman Agents set up and structures has all our clients and all your buyers only meeting and dealing with our Sales Director Rowan Merriman who has over 20 years’ experience selling Real Estate locally  and over that time successfully negotiating over 1,200 property sales. History and stats clearly prove having a sales agent on your team with this level of experience will significantly impact your homes selling price.


In the background we have a number of highly skilled and experienced people managing the back end with the companies’ Listing set ups, I.T Assignments, administration and accounts. As well as a number of extremely competent, highly practised sales associates who can assist and support Rowan when required in the professional management of property sales include aiding at Private Inspections, Open Houses, Auctions and Settlement tasks.  


 Over his 20 years in Real Estate Rowan has previously worked and Sold properties for some of the largest and smaller agencies in Geelong and clearly understands, even more so in this very digital on line era that a company name, a network or franchise group  will make no difference to the end selling price of your home. The greatest impact on the sale price of your home will come from the experience level, service offered and skills in negotiation of the agent that meets your buyer at your homes front door.


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