At Merriman Agents we have developed and adopted a new fresh approach to selling real estate by only targeting and utilizing factors that affect your sale price. As part of this new approach it is adapting and accepting one of the biggest changes in the Real Estate Industry in the last 30 years, “Buying and selling Real Estate using On - Line Shopping”. This allows Merriman Agents clients to  receive "The Greatest Deal in Real Estate". While still providing a full agency service but at a far better level as all of our clients deal exclusivity one on one with the business owner who is backed by 20 years’ experience in selling real estate locally and during that time successfully negotiating and selling over 1,200 properties.


While our competitors still today continue to practice and utilize very outdated structures and processes that Real Estate agents were using 30 years ago which ensures and dictates even today they still charge monstrous selling fees and commissions. Which is very rarely reflective of the service they provide or the sale prices they achieve.


At Merriman Agents we are very proud of the development and new practices we have adopted that is more in line and reflective of selling Real Estate today. When considering the huge increase in availability and the use of current modern technology in smart phones, laptops and commuters, our new way of Selling allows Merriman Agents to greatly benefit all of our clients as they receive thousand more dollars when selling there Home. 


There’s a saying, You Pay for what you get...

At Merriman Agents we like another saying, Do not Pay Huge Amounts of Money for Selling Techniques that are Very Out Dated and Make No Difference to the End Result...

The Greatest Deal

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