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Merriman Agents is a recently opened independent, "Full Service" Boutique Agency.  Our sales director has over 20 years’ experience selling homes locally and during that time successfully negotiated the sale of over 1,200 properties.  During that 20 year career he achieved and held many sales records as well as winning countless Real Estate awards. But above all this we at Merriman Agents are extremely proud that 92.5% of our business is from previous clients or referrals from past clients. This is a high and strong testament in this industry of how great the service is that we provide and proven further by the results we achieve...


  At Merriman Agents we differ from other Real Estate Agencies because our business practices and selling processes have adapted to and greatly embraced the biggest change in the Real Estate Industry over the last 30 years. This includes the effect of today’s smart phone technology and On-Line shopping used by today’s buyers of homes.  By adopting this new fresh approach to selling Real Estate we only target and utilize the factors that influence the end selling price of your home. This ensures, at Merriman Agents, we achieve a far greater end result. This also allows and guarantees that all Merriman Agents clients receive The Greatest Deal on selling fees in the market place today. Our clients are not paying for outdated selling methods or marketing techniques which our competitors still use today, as they did over 30 or more years ago. Such outdated practices have no positive effect or bearing on the end selling price of your home.



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